Enticing people to subscribe to your blog's RSS feed sounds relatively simple, but there are some things you can do to encourage the visitors who come to your blog to sign up more readily. This article will look at some helpful ways you can begin to boost your RSS feed subscriber numbers.

Get Friends to Recommend Your Blog/RSS Feed: While we all know that testimonials work great when it comes to convincing people to take action, but something that works even better are referrals. It's the truth: getting your friends to recommend the RSS feed for your blog to their own readers and subscribers will get you a far better response because you'll be leveraging a relationship that is already trusting. You should be able to understand that, by accepting the help of your friends, you will slowly and steadily be building consistent and reliable subscription numbers without having to do any extra work of your own.

Recommendations are always known to work great because of the fact that these people already have a comfort factor working in. Chris Mentor Me

Take Advantage of an Existing Audience: if you have other blogs that are well established why not leverage those audiences to get more subscribers to your blog? You can do plenty of cross promotion if you have already put the work in to building up your audiences on other platforms.

It works even better for you if the audience is related and relevant to your new blog project. There are many such opportunities we miss just because of lack of focus. Look around to find out if there are other sources you can leverage to get your existing audience to pay attention to your blog content and what it can do for them.

Create a Second Subscription Option: Not all readers will want to subscribe to your RSS feed, but you can still capture them by offering a secondary subscription option via email instead. You'll find that most people are far more familiar with receiving blog updates by email anyway, so they're more likely to sign up. If you're using a service like Feedburner to optimize your feed and track it, then you'll be able to use their 'publicize' option to activate the email subscriptions. FeedBlitz also lets you manage your RSS feed subscribers, but also gives you a way to manage your email subscriptions too. Viral Monopoly There are many more ideas that you can apply and experiment with, so just keep pushing the envelope to get the best results.

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