It doesn't take much to start and run a blog these days, but when it comes to gaining and retaining subscribers, it sure can be difficult. There are many different ways to get more subscribers to your blog's RSS feed, but it's not necessary that each of the method works for you. In this article we will highlight three methods for increasing your blog's RSS subscriber numbers...of course, the only way to find out if the methods will work for you is to test them out. Let's get started.

Get Your Friends to Recommend Your Blog/RSS Feed: While you already know how well testimonials work in terms of getting people to take action, something that works even better is the referral. That's right, if you can ask your friends to recommend your blog's feed to their readers and subscribers you'll get a much higher response since they will share a trusting relationship that you'll be leveraging. It's easy to see that, if you allow your friends to help you, you will be able to consistently add more subscribers to your feed without your having to put in any extra effort.

Recommendations always work well because there is a comfort factor that gets people in. Chris Mentor Me Don't Overdo: with this. exaggerating. Your readers might just click the unsubscribe button if they are getting so many updates and find they feel overwhelmed because they can't keep up. So that your subscriber numbers don't end up decreasing it is just as important to retain your old subscribers as well as focusing on gaining new ones. Due to the fast paced niche some blogs inhabit and the frequency that they need to update to keep up, they are excluded from this rule. So by limiting yourself to the amount of posts per day or week will give you better results.

Write Valuable Content: Obviously this is the most important rule if you want to gain new and keep old RSS feed subscribers. You might want to ask yourself why anyone would want to subscribe to your blogs RSS feed if they don't think it offers good content. People are always on the lookout for real content that's not only valuable but is also timely. So if you want to give your blog readers a strong and effective way to subscribe to your blog then you should The key to success is value because if your readers consider your content to be really good then they won't hesitate the recommend it to their friends. Viral Monopoly

The early stages of your blog development and gaining your audience are always going to be a little bit hard and that is why you need to focus on attracting repeat visitors because that can help you balance out your traffic.

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