The importance of getting and retaining RSS subscribers so that you get repeat visitors is something you already know if you run a blog or plan to create one. So that you can add RSS feed subscribers to your blog in the best way possible, the article below which show you some clear steps to take and how you can work to achieve your goal.

Publish New Posts Frequently and Consistently: Frequency and consistency of publishing are two things that are top priorities to consider as a blogger. How often you post to your blog, whether over a day or a week is what is meant by frequency, and the more you post, the better it will be. Consistency means staying on schedule of how often you update your blog and posting new content without fail. Being inconsistent such as offering your readers a lot of good content one week and then the next not posting anything will make your readers unhappy. If people believe and have faith that you will be updating your blog and offering quality content on a regular basis, then they will subscribe. Chris Mentor Me

Prominent Feed Icon Placement: Readers need to be able to see your RSS feed icon so be sure to place it in a noticeable location. You don't want your readers to have to scroll down your page in order to find your icon, so place it somewhere above the fold. If your icon is immediately noticeable, the easier it is for readers to subscribe to your RSS feed. Aside from choosing the right location, you also need to be sure it's shown on every page throughout your site. Use the sidebar for this, as readers will be able to see it clearly and subscribe to your feed no matter what page they're reading.

Give Valuable Content: This is the most obvious and the most important rule when it comes down to gaining RSS feed subscribers and retaining them. Ask yourself, why would somebody want to subscribe to your blog's RSS feed in the first place when they don't find any good content on it? People are always on the lookout for real content that's not only valuable but is also timely. focus on writing great content that offers some real value to your readers. If your readers find the content to be truly good Viral Monopoly

If there's one thing that you should focus on as a blog owner then it has to be increasing the readership by gaining more RSS subscribers.

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