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Why should we use marketing procedures at all ?

... because [(Everything is ...Marketing ...)] all activities in the past and the present will become more clear, the development to the present situation will be analyzed and the paths into the future of YOUR company will be defined- and ...

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Test your marketing

The following 'basic' questions should be answered in abt. 2 - 3 hours - provided a 'living' marketing plan is available

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Sales planning - Sales concept

This website gives you a lot of thoughts with regard to sales planning and sales concept. This must not necessarily be complete as especially in international sales this is very much depending on markets, mentalities and sales routes !!

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Globalization offers chances to SMEs (Translation of a German interview)

Globalization is a terrible phantom for many small and middle sized companies. Michael Richter works as a marketing and sales consultant to SMEs since 1991 and has a totally different view. He specializes in practically marketing and selling investment goods and ...

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Exporting to/marketing in Europe 'Press release'

Internationalization is important for every company. Europe - with its more than 450 million inhabitants, only looking towards the European Union's countries - is a perfect place for companies to go. Especially the Western countries are highly industrialized. Find some reasons and help in this article.

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Winning new customers

Every company needs new clients - to replace old ones, to become more independent and much more.

Here please find a way ...

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Selling vs. Marketing

"Without us" - the salesman said - "the company wouldn't have the success needed".

And the marketing specialist answered: "You couldn't sell anything properly, without us !"

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The future !? – Identifying the way for small and medium-sized (SME) companies

We 'feel' the confusion:

- How shall we find the right direction for the company ? - What kind of'recipes' works best for us ?

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Potential-oriented sales planning

The facts: Many sales departments refuse potential-oriented indicators for their planning.

Instead they take into consideration figures from the past or 'targets' of the management - derived therefrom - in other wordS 'they drive forward, however, looking into the rear-view mirror'.

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Country information - plus marketing hints for the specific countries

Countries and mentalities as well as ways to reach them successfully are shown

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