Ranger Marketing team in 2007

Das Team von Ranger Marketing bei Rhein Marathon 2007

Das Team von Ranger Marketing bei Rhein Marathon 2007

Ranger marketing is a company based in Dusseldorf employing 3,000 people among europe with a turnover of 145 millions euros in 2007.

Selling with 5 stepsEdit

Ranger 2008 IBM

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Be good looking for the first touch : shake hands with eyes contact, smily and enthousiastic. Chat people and sell yourself ! Use action verbs, short sentences or funny stories.


Be sincere and use the partner's registred trade mark : qualify your potential costumer before entering the room.


Be serious, competent and agreable : promote advantages.


Choose the right moment talking of savings while you file up the contract.


Sum up main points of the contract. Ask for other questions. What's next ? you will stay in touch with the call center.

Managing with 8 stepsEdit

Logo ranger

Logo Ranger 2008

Be positiveEdit

Change your attitude, become ambitious every day !

Be ponctualEdit

Respect deadlines with costumers or colleagues.

Be preparedEdit

Positive and negative events will happen in your sector.

Be commitedEdit

Full commitment leads to success.

Be efficientEdit

Work to change your beliefs : everyone is a potential costumer !

Be politeEdit

Master yourself : a prospect has the right to refuse.

Be factualEdit

Opportunities are means of progress for short, middle or long term objectives.

Be responsibleEdit

Improve your personal development : control and criticize your appearance, behaviors and performances.